There is no denying the fact that every one of us will indeed love to possess a huge sum of money with which to act as a bank or financial institution.

In the end, it seems as if it is but an illusion as the overwhelming reality stares us in the face; hike in the cost of living with a minute salary or wage to satisfy our unending needs.

Eventually, when the month comes to an end, there will be little or nothing to save for investment.

Higher cost of living vs. lower wages can make saving up a tough task.

The above scenario, however, should not be used as an excuse for continuously not saving. The following nuggets will certainly aid you in being a better saver cum investor.


It is no news that spreading one’s tentacles across various fields is indeed a sure means of being successful.

On that note, it is quite advisable that no matter how minute your earnings might be, you should endeavor to save a part of it for investment purposes.

A practical example to drive this point is home is a scenario where an individual possesses about £80,000 meant to be spent. The individual can with the said sum, invest in a wide variety of stocks available in the market. However, when certain costs such as miscellaneous are put into consideration, one might realize that this was not the best of profit-oriented techniques.

Alternatively, one can invest his or her money into finance that cuts across different corporations. This technique does not connote that risk will no longer be possible; rather it reduces the possibility of risk to the barest minimum as compared to other methods.

Investing in stocks is a wise decision for beginners in investment.

It is however worthy of note that choosing finance that is currently managed is rather costly when compared to a benchmark directive that is in line with particular figures of the stock market.

It is quite advisable also not to always rely on the wordings or permutations of your finance manager as enough evidence have been used to show that even their permutations do not always come to pass or result in huge earnings.


According to series of researches carried out in this field, it is realized that it is important to ensure that even if you invested with a minute capital that in the end, you realize all the value of the investment.

The above point seems quite apparent and requires no reiteration, but it seems to be done away with often than not by wealthy investors.

Furthermore, one should look around well before Investing as it has been seen amongst investors that in the end, they realize that they spent a huger sum of money than what they budgeted for.

Find out the actual costs of investments before diving into it with your meager savings.

Eventually, when the cost of the business, as well as a duty from the stamp, are deducted, an individual who came to invest £2,000 will realize that a great part of the money has gone down the drains.

To avoid similar scenarios, it is quite advisable for one to duly consult an expert broker whose fees are relatively the cheapest. Some brokers can give you a discount if you make a series of trades. An example is a situation wherein the original price is £11. Thirty-five per trade but when about 10 and 17 trades are carried out within a month, the price reduces to about £7.88. The price further reduces to about £5.55 if you engaged in a minimum of 20 trades and above within a month.


It is no news that smaller capital reduces your chances of Investing in diverse fields.

It is important then to select assets with a minimal level of fluctuation. If, however, you are limited to about two trades, it is quite important to make the best of choices by getting rid of emotional permutations or opinions of other investors.

An example to drive home this point is with respect to cryptocurrencies. Any individual who invested last year into Bitcoins noticed that the value of his or her earnings reduced by about two quarters. This downward spiral in Bitcoins value is quite expected to continue as the environment with which it trades with is still not yet stable.

There is no iota of doubt that even the best of experts can make mistakes as regards investment. Nonetheless, one is expected to duly study various research materials available to reduce the chances of making wrong decisions and instead promote one’s chances of making a profit.

Cap: No knowledge is absolute in investment plans; anybody can make errors.

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